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Medio Launches PPC Mobile Ad Network

Mobile search provider Medio Systems has launched a new pay-per-click (PPC) text advertising platform. Its MobileNow ad network will deliver text ads in search results for its carrier partners as well as to off-deck mobile sites in its network.Ads will be sold through a self-service, auction-based PPC platform -- a unified marketplace for all participating carriers and sites. By doing that, Medio hopes to eliminate the "walled garden" issues many advertisers experience when trying to reach a large mobile audience, Omar Tawakol, chief advertising officer for Medio Systems, told ClickZ."[Marketers] don't want to go to six different carriers to buy one keyword, and we don't want to have six different carriers buying the same keywords on our network," Tawakol said.Medio currently handles white-label search for several mobile providers, including T-Mobile, TELUS Mobility and Amp'd Mobile. Launches Strengthened Online Presence for Saint J. Auto, a leading provider of online marketing solutions for the automotive industry, today announced its success in creating a new state-of-the-art custom built website for Saint J. Auto, located in Saint Johnsbury, VT. The newly designed website incorporates's DOMINATOR™ Search Engine Marketing solution to drive local, high-quality traffic to the site. As a result of's work, searches on Google such as "Subaru, New England" now results in Saint J Subaru being featured at the top of the results list.'s suite of products allows auto dealers such as Saint J. Auto to reach a much larger local audience while dramatically lowering cost per lead. In fact, JD Powers & Associates reports that nearly 90% of the people in the market for a new vehicle visit automotive websites before entering a dealership for a test drive.


WebShare Partners With ScanAlert to Increase Search Engine and ...

NAPA, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 26, 2007 -- ScanAlert has partnered with search and conversion marketing specialist WebShare, LLC to provide its online retailing customers with security services that make online shopping safer for consumers, and more profitable for retailers. ScanAlert will provide WebShare merchants with discounted HACKER SAFE® certification, as well as complementary services to validate their compliance with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).

"Our job is to deliver highly qualified, targeted traffic to our client websites, and then convert this traffic based on that website's specific goals," said WebShare Founding Partner David Booth. "Whether we're looking to increase online product sales, generate more leads, bolster a mailing list, disseminate specific information, or even make the phone ring more often, we've found that HACKER SAFE certification delivers results -- over and over again."

"WebShare is very aggressive in evaluating ways to boost both site traffic and sales, which is how it has developed its industry reputation for delivering exceptional ROI," noted Cresta Pillsbury, ScanAlert's director of business development.


Miami Marketing Agency Provides Marketing Help And Search Engine Optimization For Local Businesses

In the arena of local online marketing, Miami Marketing Agency is consistently delivering results to small business owners that want to take their business to the next level. 

"Our job is to educate small business owners by making them aware that they don't have to advertise like the big fortune 500s," said marketing strategist Frank Prieto. "Poeple are bombarded with traditional TV, magazine and newspaper ads, and think they should advertise the same way. This causes small business owners to spend their hard earned money on branding, when they should be investing it in direct marketing strategies which deliver quantifyable results."

"Until small business owners undestand this, the waste in advertising dollars will continue to exceed 30% and they will either run out of money before they can make a profit, or will find themselves in a long process to see results that direct marketing can deliver in half the time.

The election conversion funnel

If you are a search engine marketer (or have one working for you), you probably live and die by a conversion funnel. Every action, from tweaking copy, readdressing keyword lists and managing bids, is geared to move Internet users one step closer to becoming customers.

If you are a metrics-driven search engine marketer (and who isnt?), you frequently divide the cost of generating these conversions by the number of actual conversions to assess the average cost per acquisition (CPA). For those marketing Jimmy Choos and Manolos, this is not too hard. Now if it is a politician you are selling, calculating the average CPA can be one complicated task.

At first glance, the presidential election of 2008 has but one conversion that matters: a vote. This conversion occurs during the two minutes you are behind a curtain, pulling a lever, punching a card or touching a screen.